A product by Project Managers for Project Managers © MSPR Development LLC, 2011 This product was developed by consulting project managers to provide an easy method to produce reports and present capabilities not available in Microsoft Project, especially across multiple projects.  Microsoft Project is an excellent product to manage projects and has become the de facto standard for  most organizations. However, most users of Microsoft Project, although it contains basic and now graphical reports,  understand that its reporting is designed for the project manager to monitor and manage projects. It is  difficult and time consuming to generate reports that are appreciated by management and customers. Early on, before the authors created MSPR, they created status reports for the customer through  Microsoft PowerPoint. A sample of the original can be viewed to the left. It was time consuming but  necessary to present the information to the PMO, upper management and customers in a concise  manner. That functionality triggered the development of MSPR and MSPR contains that capability as  well as significant additional functionality. Although Microsoft Project provides excellent automated resource leveling, it is sometimes difficult to  override the automation. It is also not easy to view overall resource allocation and usage. Long ago, the  authors had experience with ABT’s Project Workbench and since wanted to emulate it’s resource  presentation capability (Project Workbench is no longer available).  Having built the ability to import one or more projects from Microsoft Project into MSPR for status and  resource presentation, other capabilities and significant reporting followed. And without the expense of having to implement Microsoft Project Server or a PPM product, especially if the customer doesn’t have a PPM or doesn’t appreciate the value. In addition, MSPR is portable and can be carried from engagement to engagement on a flash drive. It  only requires Microsoft Access and Microsoft Project.  Whether managing a single project or multiple projects at a customer’s site, MSPR is most valuable to the Consulting Project Manager who doesn’t have other project management tools available. And MSPR is not expensive.  Especially Valuable Functions (partial list): View and print the Status at a Glance report and the Project Update report with the customer’s  logo and distribution list. View at left.  Print customer friendly gantt charts - all tasks, late tasks, etc.  Track and print issues and/or project change information. Track and print resource assignment, capacity, allocation and usage etc. at various levels of  detail. Major categories of project detail at the Portfolio level (grouping of projects), project level,  issue/change level and resource level. Many more options and functions for the project manager.  View other samples below Please view Reports under the About MSPR tab for a list of MSPR reports or download the Overview and Installation Guide Original Status at a Glance Click to Enlarge MSPR Status at a Glance Click to Enlarge MSPR Project Update Status Click to Enlarge