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Issue and Change tracking not available in MS Project The MSPR Template - The programming behind the template provides much functionality to MS Project. To start: The user can update the MS Project status for the MSPR status reports. Link to the MSPR tables to obtain employee information to place in the MS Project Resource Sheet for assignment. Allows update of all tasks to ensure consistency of company standards. Add Update Resources - To ensure resource identification consistency between projects (to consolidate resource information across projects), the MSPR Template provides for the ability to insert employee information into the Resource Sheet. Select resource by inserting a question mark (?) into the select field. The Select Resource form will appear to select the required resource. Click OK and Name, Initials, Team, Company (Group), eMail and Phone numbers will be inserted. A resource may be added or replaced through this method including place holder resources in a template created from the MSPR Template. Resource information is obtained from the HR Asset table in MSPR. The HR Asset table should contain all employees assigned to or potentially assigned to projects. Recurring Customers and Vendors appearing in multiple projects may also be contained. Via the HR Asset tab in the Ribbon.