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Please Click on MSPR Image to Display Further Detail Dashboards - MSPR has several major dashboards that show the status of project components. Projects, Issues and Resources with an additional individual project dashboard.      Project Detail - View all projects in alphabetic order or by profile. Then view considerable detail for the project. Or view the individual project's dashboard.     Issues and Change Tracking - View all issues by title or project. Select individual issues to update documentation, status, owner or assignment.  Attach documents to issues or project changes. Resource Tracking and Capacity - View all assigned persons in projects. View which projects they are assigned or usage by project / task over the next 13 weeks. Consolidated Project Reporting - All multi-project level reports may be previewed or printed here. In addition, an ad hoc reporting capability is provided. The user may choose a table and selected fields, create a query to select based on those fields and print a report grouping on a field while sorting on two other fields. Company Information - All company information may be updated on this screen including company name and adding a report logo. Company name is important as it defines which resources are company and non-company (as imported from MS Project). In addition, there are driving factors for project business (strategic) alignment. Import MS Project - The Windows open file explorer screen opens to allow the user to locate and choose the MS Project file to be imported. To import the file, the project plan must have been created with the MSPR Project Template. Further information is available by clicking the MSPR Icon to the left.                           As functional as expensive host based PPMs