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Dashboards Projects - Opens the Projects dashboard with projects that are not completed or not on hold. Projects are shown in descending due date order. Issues - Opens the Issues dashboard to display issues and changes that are late or coming due. Issues and Changes are shown in descending due date order. Resources  - Opens the Resources dashboard to show all resources assigned to projects by Company (defined in the Company Information form) and Non-company resources (customers, vendors, etc.).                         Application Screens Project List  - Opens the Project List screen used to select project detail or the project dashboard. Projects may be filtered by profile. Issue List - Opens the Issues and Change List screen showing all issues/changes and my be filtered by project. Resource List  - Opens a list of all resources assigned to projects that have been imported  from MS Project. Resource capacity or assigned projects may be selected. Reporting - Opens the report print screen in which all multi-project reports and ad hoc query may be previewed, printed or exported. Import  - This selection starts the process to import a project from MS Project from any folder available to the user. Company Information  - This screen allows the update of company information (e.g. Company Name) used throughout. Tools Backup - This opens the Backup database screen. The user can back up the MSPR database at any time and store it wherever the user chooses. A compress is accomplished at the same time. Refresh - This button is used to refresh any screen if data is entered and the form does not yet reflect the add, change or delete. Exit - This button exits the MSPR application and MS Access. It is recommended that this button be used instead of the Close but at the top right of the window.  MS access may not provide links correctly when just a simple close is used. Portfolio and Project Management for your Desktop Collaboration with multiple Microsoft Project Plans