© MSPR Development LLC, 2011 Why MSPR? MSPR is a database that is located on the desktop client. Similar products (and not many) offer only a hosting solution. Server located products are expensive. Hosted products are subject to network outages, backup missteps and restore delays if backups are consistent. MSPR is a database. Depending on the purchase option, it can be located in a single user, multi-user  or multiple user environment. Projects created with the MSPR template can be imported from any folder on the network the client can access. System Requirements Uses Microsoft Access 2007 as a base The MSPR was designed and implemented in MS Access 2007 and 2010. The MS Project Template was developed in MS Project 2007 and has been tested with MS Project 2010. Experience in beta testing has shown that it is not a good idea to mix and match versions of MS Office. As usual, they may step on each other. A prime example, Visio 2010 will make MS Access 2007 inoperable.
MS Project Reporting On your Desktop - an inexpensive multiple project reporting product: View  and report on multiple projects imported from MS Project 2007 or 2010 Add, change and track issues, project change and risks View Project, Issues and Resource Dashboards Track resource usage and capacity over multiple projects View customer friendly reports for single projects or across multiple projects Use a PPM type business alignment to prioritize projects. Manage Multiple Microsoft(TM) Projects